We Are the Weather ⛅.

After years of knowing the facts, but feeling paralyzed by inaction about climate change, I read a book by Jonathan Safran Foer called We are the Weather, which highlights 3 easy personal actions we can all take toward saving the planet. If every human did this, we would singlehandedly meet the targets set in the targets for greenhouse gas emissions set forth in the Paris Agreement

1. No meat before dinner

Depending on how you do your accounting, animal agriculture accounts for 24 to >57% of greeenhouse gas emissions. Cut down your beef consumption, save the planet.

2. Two flights a year

You could stop recycling for 15 years, and it wouldn’t equal the carbon reduction of taking one less transatlantic flight per year. A single flight emits more CO2 than a single person in Uganda does in a year.This is a tough one to kick for me. I’m currently limiting myself to 4.

3. Ride a bike. Share a car.

Live like the rest of the world. The average per capita emissions of someone in the US are 8-20 times larger than someone in India (14 tons per US resident in 2020). We need to get to 3 tons as a species to meet our client targets.