A Carbon Calculator for Company Travel 🗺️.


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My company hosted its annual off-site trip for all 1000+ employees in Hawaii. In the process of trying to estimate and understand the implications of this on the environment, I built a tool that estimates the carbon for multiple people traveling to a single destination.

Why Do We Need This?

Flying is one of the most carbon intensive activities an individual can do. A single flight emits more CO2 than a single person in Uganda does in a year. So when a medium to large size company sends its employees on a long distance flight, the cost to the environment is extremely heavy.

As opposed to something that the business’s operations are dependent on, eliminating flights is often a very easy remedy for today’s remote-first technology workforce. My hope is that this tool and others like it can serve as a way to make a case to others’ companies.

As for what this tool does uniquely, while there are many flight carbon calculators out there, none of them I’ve seen allow you to bulk upload a list of origins to count a cumulative carbon total. While I don’t pretend this tool is as accurate as a more carefully considered flight itinerary for all travel members (ideally one which includes transport to and from airports, impact on the local environment, etc), it’s a good first step to understanding the impact of a trip.

You can watch a demo of the tool here.