Create Your Future of Food 🌱.

Imagining a Better Food System

I recently enrolled in’s Climate Farm School course, and one of our assignments was to picture the food system in 2040. In the process of thinking through what this might look like for myself, I thought I’d build a tool to help others do the same.

Using chatGPT4’s ability to create both textual completions and images, I set up a brief mad lib style questionnaire. Tell the AI a little about yourself, what you picture yourself doing in 2040, what has changed in food, community, politics, energy, and business, and how those changes have impacted nature, food, and your life. Give it some aesthetic cues, and get back a brief story of your future of food 2040. Try it out here.

If you get anything interesting or funny, make a PDF and send it my way. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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