Where do you start? Create a Climate Action Venn Diagram ♾️.

Creating My Climate Action Venn Diagram

Climate Action Venn Diagram

Some time ago I listened to an excellent episode of How to Save a Planet, where Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson discussed her Climate Action Venn Diagram, a very simple tool designed to answer the oft-fielded question, “I want to help address the climate crisis - where do I start?”.

I finally decided to make my own, which revealed a few interesting things to me (physicality, martyrdom, human connection), and clarified others. My takeaway is that my calling is somewhere in the area of building real-world experiences of positive climate futures that inspire positive personal action in others. I’m not sure what that will look like yet (I’m dreaming of an eco-meowulf), but I’m excited to find out, and I feel more clarity on things than when I started.

My Climate Action Venn Diagram

What’s your climate action venn diagram look like? Drop me a line if you create one and want to share your experience!